Windows 10 Evolution x64 RS1 September 2016

Language English US

Windows 10 Pro x64 build 14393 1607 RS1

Activation: KMS

Unattended file:  Skips useless stages, creates admin account, upon installation
reboot is required to run Windows Apps ie: Edge browser, Windows Store.

Nothing tweaked, nothing messed with, nothing removed, strictly cosmetics


Updated: ONE version - preconfigured, dlls registered


Theme dlls manually updated for unsigned themes

UAC disabled to register dlls of Old New Explorer, you can just re enable
if you need it.

Start10 1.11 latest licensed by Stardock.

HUD Evolution for Windows 10 Anniversary Update Redstone 1 Themed

HUD Evolution Icons manually added

Rocketdock Hud Themed


System Tranceparency Pre installed, not configiured, to configure: right click
system try icon and hit setup and info and choose your tranceperancy settings

Windows 10 Evolution WinPE included with several live Apps to Fix PCs

ลิ้งเดียว Google drive  5.9GB